April 27, 2010

Twitter as a stalking medium

Confession: I love Evan Lysacek.
Confession 2: I had no idea who he was until Vancouver.

but I saw him skate and it was so beautiful! Then, a mere few weeks after I thought i would never see Evan Lysacek on my TV again, my roommate texted me. "EVAN LYSACEK IS ON DANCING WITH THE STARS."

Confession 3: I have watched at least 1 full episode of dancing with the stars this season.

Perhaps even more interesting? Evan Lysacek has Twitter (@evanlysacek) I might be one of his followers. Maybe.

I was struck with how close and oddly personally connected we can feel to celebrities these days, when watching dancing with the stars last night. They showed a clip where Evan Lysacek fell and hit his head. "Oh, don't worry," I assured my roommate. "He had a mild concussion, but was able to skate that night and go back to training."

How did I know? Well, he had tweeted about it a few days ago, of course!

Now, Evan Lysacek and I are not friends. Evan Lysacek does not know who I am. But I can find out pretty easily where in the nation he is at any given moment, as well as keep you updated on his medical status based on his tweets.

I now feel like the ultimate creeper. sigh.

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