May 03, 2010

o technology

We like to pretend, as college students, that we are not too dependent on our computers. I mean, if we wanted to, we could leave them for days and go backpacking in the wilderness. . . .

all true if one does not have papers or finals looming over your head.

One thing that is interesting about computers is that they carefully follow murphy's rule: they don't break unless you are in DESPERATE need of them, or have just finished writing a 20 page paper that you may or may not have backed up.

for example: today is the day of my spanish final. All I have to do in this class is pull a C for it to transfer in and fulfill my very last graduation requirement. that's it. So today is the day of the final that I want to get a good grade on just to make sure that there's no question over its transferability.

What website decides to not work for this entire afternoon that I had set aside to study for this final? Oh wait, the spanish website. The one that had worked perfectly fine for the entire semester. (miraculously, just a few hours later, it decided eh, might as well work. stupid website.)

all this to say: i'm looking forward to at least a few weeks this summer where I don't NEED my computer for anything, so if it feels like breaking --then would be a great time to do it.

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