May 14, 2010

Post Grad Goal 1

Thanks to college, my sleep schedule has been (temporarily, I hope) destroyed. Instead of sleeping at normal times, like a normal human being, my "gold hours" of productivity are from 10pm-2am.

What has happened now is that even if I am exhausted all day, I cannot go to sleep before midnight. It simply doesn't happen. I have tried. Even if at the beginning of the day (which sometimes will start at 5:30) i felt like i had been hit repeatedly by a sledgehammer and almost fell asleep walking down stairs.

the other problem with this, however, is that not only I am i stuck with not sleeping, I also am becoming more and more of an old person about sleep. Back in my "young years" as a freshman or sophomore, I could sleep for 2-3 hours for several nights in a row and still be relatively functional. Nowadays, I sleep for less than six and I am useless to the world (until 10pm-2am) and even 6-8 is pushing it for being "glad" to be awake.

post grad goal: become a person with normal sleep habits.

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