July 20, 2010

drive by baking

I don't think that I'm ever going to be a foodie blog. In fact, I know I won't be, mostly because I'm too impatient to take pictures of every step of the process.

However, I made 2 pretty awesome recipes this past weekend, that need to be shared. Because they were that tasty. No I am not even kidding about how tasty they were.

The first is appropriately summeresque-- strawberry margarita cupcakes. I actually skipped the tequila (I know, I know) mostly because I was too lazy to go out and get some. I put lime and strawberry puree in both the cupcakes & the frosting, plus a little bit of margarita mix in the frosting. So dang tasty.

The second is completely innapropriate to summer. Unlike the song, summer has not come like cinnamon so sweet. It has come like a sweating humid swampy ball of doom. My roommate was saying how ready she was for fall, and I was looking at pictures from the snowpocalypse, trying to remember what that felt like. . .when Joy the Baker posted an awesome recipe for Honey Beer Spice Cake.  So, we made it. Because if it isn't fall, you can at least pretend by cooking like fall--right?

yes, right (i skipped the white sugar and added a cream cheese honey frosting that was basically the best ever.) I think that it will taste even better in the fall, because when one is eating spice cake, you probably should be sitting beside a crackling fire. You know its true.


Luz said...

i kept this post as "unread" in my reader so i can steal the recipes later. can you repost the link to the honey beer spice cake? think my man would enjoy seeing that on the dinner table. :)

Jenna said...

Luz -- oh dear, that definitely wasn't the recipe, was it. Link is reposted so hopefully you get a chance to make it. Its wonderful!

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