July 23, 2010

my google reader problem

I have a problem.

First, you have to understand that I do not have a problem reading blogs. I love my google reader, with all of my feeds carefully organized, and my favorite clumps of blogs all ready for me to read.

My problem is this: I have commitment issues. Not the way you're thinking--I have no problem following a blog, and drooling over pretty pictures or laughing at funny content.

But here's the problem: sometimes, I follow a blog that looked interesting at first. And then it gets less and less interesting. Most of the time, this isn't because the content changed--I just made a bad choice when I first signed up for the blog, following a blog that covered a subject I'm not really interested in, or a blog that I actually disagree with, so it just makes me a little (or a lot) frustrated every time I read it.

The rational and logical answer would be, simply, stop following the blog. Oh you foolish reader! I can't do that! What if the blog that doesn't interest me posts something (one day!) that is VERY INTERESTING and I miss it because I've stopped following them? What if the ONE TIME that I am not annoyed or angry reading some of the content off of that blog I disagree with--what if I MISS IT because I've stopped following them?

As you surely understand, this makes un-following them impossible.

However, I am slowly trying to remind myself that time is precious, and I should only read blogs that encourage or inspire or build up or are interesting to me. . .

So today, out of the 4 blogs I really should stop following,

I stopped following 1 of them.

It's progress, okay?

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