July 15, 2010

on Heat.

In case you were wondering, its about 7 gazillion degrees on the east coast right now. (It was 9 gazillion a week ago, so I guess we should count our blessings) The best way for dealing with this heat is simple: Lay in your bed in shorts and a tank top, close all of the blinds to keep out the blazing sun, crank up the air conditioning, drink a big huge glass of ice water, and watch tv all day.

Unfortunately, I have this thing called a job, which necessitates me actually getting out of that bed, putting on business casual clothes instead of shorts and tank tops, and for a few (very few) terrible moments each day, actually be outside as I pass from one form of transit to the other. I know, my life is rough.

I realized the other day, that I do something really strange when I'm passing from one form of public transportation to another, though. I hate being all dressed up and ready to go and then realizing that I have to go outside, get miserably sweaty, and then try to pretend that I am, and always have been, calm, cool, and put together.

So instead, I end up talking to myself. "Don't sweat don't sweat don't sweat. We will be back in air conditioning in just a few minutes. Don't sweat don't sweat don't sweat." (of course, I am not saying this outloud. Most of the time.) Somehow, I think that if I can just will my body into believing that it is still cool, it will still be cool.

I am sad to report, it doesn't work.

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