July 19, 2010

surely, i am not the only who does this

In my efforts to be a better blogger, I decided to start taking more pictures. (oh, don't get your hopes up.) This meant that instead of taking 0 pictures, I took about 4.) Pictures on a camera do not a better blogger make. They have to actually make it on to the blog.

So I dug around in my drawer for the USB cable that would connect my camera to my computer. I love my macbook, I really do. However, my macbook doesn't have the handy dandy slot that my old computer had where I can just slide the memory card in and pull pictures without a USB cable.

Can I find my USB cable? no.

Surely, I am not the only one who loses my USB cable. Surely! So I go to Target. The guy there cheerful hands me a cable, assuring me that it will work. I look at my camera. I look at the cable. There is no way. When I look incredulous, he finally concedes "okay, maybe that one won't fit. . . try best buy!"

I go to Best Buy. The guy looks at me like I am asking for an 8 track tape player. "Uh, no. We do not carry that. Try the manufacturer."

I do. i go to the lumix website and this cord is not easily findable. Now I'm going to have to call them and they probably will say "what? No one else ever loses this cord. Loser."

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