July 06, 2010

today i got a parking ticket

today is tuesday. also known as 'day where I say "yup, I definitely deserve this. but really?"'

Today I took a different train than I normally do to work, because I knew that I'd be staying a little later to meet a friend for dinner.  This means that the parking lot I normally use was full. No problem. There are other parking lots at this place, right?

(I actually had no idea if there were.)  low and behold, there was a parking ramp that I had never before seen in my life. I drove in. There were a bunch of empty parking slots. Important plot point you should take note of: it was 7:45 in the morning.

I parked in one of the empty parking spots. I saw there was a sign. It said "no parking here from 2am to 10am." Somehow, that computed to "don't park here overnight." All is well, I thought to myself. I am not parking here over night!

Wrong. In what universe is 2am to 10am overnight? (okay, maybe in the college student universe. But I'm past that, right?)

All this to say, I came back to my car at the end of the day and had a parking ticket, given at 9:43 am, for parking in a spot that I wasn't supposed to use until 10am. I sat in my car and looked at the ticket, and looked at the sign. Of COURSE I wasn't supposed to park there. How could I have missed that?

 this inspired this open letter to my brain:

Dear my cranium: if we can  memorize random facts from books and keep track of way too many details of the drama filled life of my alma mater, can we also please work on some basic reading comprehension skills? thanks, hugs and kisses, J.

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