July 01, 2010

waking up is hard to dooooo

My roommate’s phone broke a few months ago. A friend gave her their old phone—and that phone has a lot of music on it. A very random assortment of songs. My roommate hasn’t bought any new songs on the phone, but she does use the old songs for our alarm nearly every morning. She was getting sick of the same six ringtones that I would use to get us up every morning on my phone.

This can lead to some interesting song choices. For example, last week she decided that our wake up song should have something to do with what we were doing at 6am—that is, getting out of bed. Josh Groban’s “you raise me uuuuuuuuuup!!!” got me out of bed for an entire week. I am ashamed to admit, but the lame pun possibilities made it more likely that I would actually get out of bed, instead of ignoring her alarm and taking a later train to work. “Heh, heh. You raise ME up, Josh Groban. Out of my sleep! Heh. Heh.”

On Monday of this week, she didn’t actually select the song she thought she had selected, so A Fine Frenzy’s “Almost Lover” woke us up. Let me tell you: there is nothing more inspiring than “goodbye my almost lover / goodbye my hopeless dream” It mostly inspired me to put my pillow over my ears and feel angsty because not only did I have to get up at 6 am, I also had to say goodbye to my almost lover!!! (Just kidding. I didn’t. But the song convinced me that maybe I did!)

This morning, however, things were a little bit different. Josh Turner’s “would you go with me?” blasted at 6 am. I was exhausted. This has already been a long week. The thought of getting up in the morning sounded about as fun as a root canal. All I could think of as I got out of bed was “NO I WILL NOT GO WITH YOU INSTEAD I WILL GO BACK TO SLEEP FOREVER AND A DAY.”

A problem with waking up to actual songs instead of buzzes or beeps? That song is stuck in your head ALL DAY. Unfortunately, not only does the song get stuck, but my immediate response is also stuck. Yes, that means that all of last week I was hehe’ing over Josh Groban for. . .all of it. And yes, it also means that all I could think of today was “NO I WILL NOT GO WITH YOU.”

I think I’m going to vote that our alarm goes back to computer generated buzzes.

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