August 26, 2010

Manners on the Metro

Manners are important in this day and age.  Very important. And some people are making sure that others on the metro know that.

We were all coming up one escalator in a station this morning, moving toward the escalator that would carry us to the exit turnstyles. No one is ever in any great rush to get to the exit turnstyles in the morning, because on the other side of the exit turnstyles is. . ugh. Work. So we all mosey along as a great crowd of people who haven't had their coffee yet.

Some guy comes charging up from behind us, trying to get to the train on the platform He elbows his way past a group of 3 young men in baggy tshirts and baseball caps, running past them to finally jump into a train car about 25 feet up the platform from us.

"Geez, look where you're going!" starts the one young man, shaking his head. His friend nods in agreement, and someone says something about that stupid "mr. potato head" who was running. (I saw this guy. His head did not seem particularly potato-esque to me, but I could have been wrong.)

Unfortunately for Mr. Potato Head, the train doors did not close before this young man (and I) walked past him again.

"Hey! Hey you! Say excuse me next time! If you don't, I'm going to poke you in the eye, and I HOPE IT FALLS OUT."

apparently, when standing up for the "excuse me's" of the world, its okay to forget the whole "don't poke people's eyes out" rule. Makes sense to me.

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