August 07, 2010

Mastering the Art of French Cooking

Tonight we watched Julie and Julia, which always makes me want to cook. I have to admit, I will never be a french chef, I'm far too impatient, but some of the recipes look pretty much incredible.

One problem with watching this movie is that it makes me want to cook things that I know I do not like. For example: mushrooms. I have never liked mushrooms. Raw is the absolute worst, and I try to avoid those at all costs. Cooked is better, but generally I pick around them. I know  I should like mushrooms, I just. . . don't.

However, in one of the early scenes in the movie, Julie cooks poulet au porto, which is basically chicken, mushrooms, cream, and cognac. When Amy Adams as Julie is first shown cooking the mushrooms, I think "EW, mushrooms." But then she keeps talking and pours the cream over the mushrooms and I think "ew, mushrooms." Then she starts to talk about the cognac and I go "really, mushrooms can't be that bad, right?" And by the time she's presenting the finished dish its more like "I LOVE MUSHROOMS THE BEST OUT OF ANY FOOD EVER!"

I raced down to the kitchen to make it, right then, at 10:30pm. I then realized that we had already eaten dinner, we didn't have cognac or cream, and I actually hate mushrooms.

So instead my roommate made us fried eggs and they were very tasty.

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