August 23, 2010

perfect grilled cheese

today i made a perfect grilled cheese sandwich.

for the past year or so, I had made grilled cheese in my george foreman grill--where the bread gets smooshed into the little grooves and the cheese melts and its pretty good, but the bread is smooshy and sometimes burnt in parts because of the grooves. . .but today! Today was the day of the PERFECT grilled cheese sandwich.

I heated up the frying pan, browned butter, and put in two thick slices of homemade whole wheat bread, with extra sharp cheddar cheese in the middle. It sizzled and I waited patiently until it was time to flip the sandwich--at which point I had to stop myself right then and there from tearing into the wonder that was grilled cheese.

Finally it was done, and I got to cut it in half and put it on a plate. There is something about that bread--toasty, buttery and crispy on the outside, warm and soft on the inside, melty sharp cheese, and then warm soft bun and crispy buttery bread AGAIN. I mean, how good is this food? You get tasty buttery bread not once, but TWICE! In  every bite! Such decadence.

Anyway, point being: its amazing to me how the very simplest things, when they're good quality and awesome, can be so much tastier than something with 74 ingredients. Because that used 3 ingredients: butter, bread, and cheese and it was so tasty that I had to blog about it.

Gosh. I love grilled cheese.

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