September 20, 2010

Aircraft is stalking you!

I drove from DC to Richmond today. Driving on the interstate, I noticed a lot of "speed enforced by aircraft" signs. (I didn't take a picture, not because I'm a lazy blogger, but because I was driving and being safe and stuff. But you can see one here, if you've never seen one)

Anyway, since I was driving, I had alot of time to think. I thought of 2 main things:

1. This is such an empty threat.
I mean seriously, folks. How many times have you been pulled over by aircraft? That's right, never. (if you have, please share because that has GOT to be a good story.) How many times have you been pulled over by grumpy cops? Alot more times than you've been pulled over by a helicopter. When I see those signs, I think "eh, I can go pretty much as fast as I want." (Don't worry! I didn't!) 

2. How could you ACTUALLY make this happen?
I started to think of ways you could actually use aircraft to enforce speed limits. My first thought was of a helicopter that would shoot out your engine if you went too fast -- but that seemed a little extreme. Then I thought about having planes or helicopters drop paintball bombs on the hood or roof of your car, and if a police officer saw you with BRIGHT GREEN paint on your car, they would pull you over. But then I realized that everyone would probably paint their cars bright green so that the police couldn't tell if they had been speed bombed or not.

All this to say: don't speed.

or: Jenna thinks about strange things while driving long distances.

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