September 17, 2010

blog names

so my blog has a name right now, as you see, called "J & Co." That's because my name starts with a J, and the people I write about and the readers are "the co."

originally, i had called this blog "you will write." Because I wanted a name for my blog that was artsy and stuff, so I pulled a name from a line from T.S. Eliot's "A Portrait of a Lady". It says "you will write, at any rate," and even though it was out of context, I thought it would be cool.

Well, it was not.  Mostly it just created a unique blog address -- But when I decided that I was actually ready for this blog to face the public, "you will write" seemed kind of. . . weird.

But recently I've realized that I should probably change my blog url so that when people ask "what's the name of your blog?!" I don't say "uuuuh, J & Co. but you will have to go to"Because that is a mouthful.

Unfortunately, JandCo and JandCompany at blogspot are taken. Additionally. is a clothing company. (warning, artfully half-clothed people on that site.) So I need a new blog name.

Dooce named her blog after a childhood nickname. I really don't have any good ones. In fact, the only one I remember is "Dumby," which. . . .is not a confidence inspiring blog name. Pioneer Woman named her blog after who she is. But. . .I'm not a pioneer woman. "Suburban College Grad" just doesn't have the same ring. Or "Not working in my telos job yet Girl." And I'm not as focused as Joy the Baker to be like "Jenna the Alarm Clock User, Nail Polish Painter, and Metro Customer." Because that's a mouthful.

I am now back where I started from. Still called "J & Co." at I am going to keep on looking for a good names, hopefully not pulled out of context from poetry. If you have any ideas, feel free to share---I would definitely appreciate it. ;)

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Allison/Eliška said...

You could try j-and-co, j-andco, jayandco...
believe me, when i made my first blog, i was insistent i was going to get the words i wanted!

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