September 23, 2010

eye shadow & high drama

(I apologize in advance, readers. I promise, all of my posts won't be discussing beauty products. However, this is important.)

Several months ago, I went to an unnamed beauty supply store to get nailpolish or something. While I was there, I saw the smashbox Masquerade eyeshadow. Aaaand, I quickly fell in love. It had the purples that I love, plus lots of shimmery darker colors.

Image courtesy of Smashbox
But then I checked the price tag. Ack! I do not spend money on eye shadow. I am definitely a drugstore eye shadow purchaser. An on SALE drugstore eye shadow purchaser.

Like I said, I first saw this eye shadow palate several months ago. I couldn't get it out of my head. I would put on my on sale drugstore eye shadow and something within me would say "oh, no! think of how much more beautiful your eyes could look with the masquerade eye shadow!" I would go to sleep at night and toss and turn, thinking about the dazzling dark blue in the the palate.

Finally, I had had enough. It was time to just suck it up and purchase the eye shadow.

So I went back to this unnamed store that I had first seen the palate in. It was part of smashbox's fall collection, and since we still are hitting 90s in the DC area, I assumed that this store would still have it. There it was! I reached out to grab a box, and then I realized. . ..there was only the sample palate. No clean, boxed palates. What was I going to do?

(also, I had a slight fever at this point, (unrelated to my search for eyeshadow) so I may have been only slightly coherent and probably a little bit more pathetic looking than normal.)

I looked at the girl who worked there. "Excuse me, do you have any more of these?" She checked the drawer and said "No, and since they're a seasonal item, we're not going to get anymore." In that moment, I knew this was the ONLY store I could buy this makeup at. "Will you sell me the floor model?" (I know that floor model is not a term generally used for make up, but I used it here.)


"Why not?!" (I was desperate, at this point. The beautiful sparkling khaki green of the palate was right there and she wasn't going to let me take it.)

"Because you might get an infection and then we'd be liable."

"What if I signed a liability waiver?"


And then I realized what was going on. That shopgirl wanted that palate too, I bet. And if she invoked some "company policy" (which fine, fine, probably existed) then SHE would get to keep it and I WOULD HAVE UGLY EYELIDS FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

I stormed out. Actually, I just left when I had finished buying other stuff that I needed, but I stormed in my mind. Then I called another branch of the same store to see if they had the eye shadow. They didn't. Someone suggested that I try the internet. THE INTERNET?! No! I needed this eye shadow NOW or I might as well not be alive! (I think that the fever might have had something to do with my unhealthy fixation on THIS PARTICULAR EYE SHADOW.)

Then my roommate suggested I try another beauty supply store. We stopped off there before bible study -- and there it was. One, unblemished PERFECT lovely Masquerade eyeshadow palate. So I bought it. And I haven't used it yet because it makes me so happy just to look at it. Don't judge.


Sarah Johnson said...

Jenna, I laughed reading this. I hope you keep up with the beauty posts.

Morgan said...

I had a similar experience trying to buy Urban Decay's "Summer Love" palatte. Sadly, summer was over and the love was gone, and now I have ugly eyelids...
Glad your eyelids are fab!

hannah k said...

Haha! I ran into your blog on fb... great story :D Hope you're doing well! :]


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