September 16, 2010

the family von trapp?

My family drove to Jamestown yesterday. (that's a post for another day. be prepared.)

On the way back, attempting to pass the time, we all started to sing. This meant that we had to find songs that most of us knew most of the words to. This also meant that we discovered how ridiculously eclectic our song selections were.

First, we know most of the beauty and the beast songs cold. I mean seriously, how can you forget "don't believe me? ask the dishes!" We also can handle the Sound of Music. Except for "climb every mountain." because, we we always fast-forwarded that song. Its a long song to sit through when you're little, okay?

(also, while looking for the link to that song, I found a version of it by Christina Aguilera. Isn't it the rule that this song can only be sung by nuns? Mother superior nuns, at that? If its not, it should be.)

However, all of this high class broadway musicality could not last. We started singing "history songs," which if you haven't heard them -- well. they are historical events set to semi-catchy tunes. We did learn that we only remembered select snippets from them. the favorite line that kept getting repeated was "the revolutionary war was filled with gore." There also were some highlights from lyrical life science.

After we exhausted these, we moved on to lower climes. and when I say lower, I mean lower. The whole sing-a-long collapsed when we finished with a rousing rendition of "give me back my fillet-o-fish."

I kid you not.

basically, we decided that we had a lot of fun. . . but maybe we should remember to bring our iPod on the next roadtrip.

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Heather said...

I can totally picture your fun road trip to Jamestown!!! Love you all!


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