September 13, 2010

on nail polish

if you don't paint your nails, this post will probably not be that interesting. I realize that means that this post is probably not for most, if not all, of my male readers. Sorry guys. Maybe next time?

Anyway, I, like any good aspiring princess, loved painting my nails as a little girl. Mostly it was sparkly pinks, reds, purples, appropriately princessesque stuff.

As I got older, I became consistently more terrible at painting my nails. Number 1: it required tons of self control to not just put blobs of nail polish all over my hands. Number 2: You couldn't touch anything for 7 hours if you didn't want to chip your nail polish -- and in my case, it seemed like I was still able to chip it if I tried hard enough even after that amount of time. Number 3: I wasn't sure that I really liked pale pinks and purples and pastels on my fingers anymore.

But then I went to college, started reading fashion magazines, and realized that the short, dark nail was in, particularly in falls and winters. WHAT?!

a whole new world opened up for me. I could now paint my nails all sorts of dark and beautiful jewel tones that I loved. Dark reds, plums, and browns--yes. I was all up on that trend. Also, I was older and could actually paint my nails instead of just managing to give my hands pollock-esque blobs and stringy bleck.

Despite my foray into colorfulness, there were still some colors I shied away from -- mostly greens and blues. Green or blue! Yuuuck! Its like you have bruises or mold on your hands. Who wants bruises or mold? Hint: not me.

(although this is a story for a another day, i have developed ridiculous brand loyalty to OPI, and refuse to use anything other than their nail polish. )

Every season, OPI comes out with a new nail polish collection based on some geographic local--and this fall's collection is "Swiss." I don't know what this actually has to do with this color. But point being, as soon as I saw it, I loved it. 

"Ski Teal We drop"
Image courtesy of OPI via Shopaholic Jo
When, I saw it, I said. "I love you, ski teal we drop. I need you on my fingernails and toes RIGHT NOW." "What?" My rational self said as I found myself getting off the OPI website and driving to Ulta. "What are you doing, self? Green? Blue? This is a combo of the two called TEAL! What is happening?"

Let me just tell you. Remember how I was saying that fall is a time that I love? This color is fall. Its cool, cozy, and most of all, does not make my nails look like I have bruises or mold on them. Its opaque, intense, and classy, and looks lovely with all of the darker colors that start coming out once the leaves turn.

So, yes. You should love this color too. Unless you don't paint your fingernails. In which case, stay strong.

this blogpost is entirely my own, unpaid for opinion. OPI has no idea who I am.

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Amanda Rossiter said...

I laughed out loud. Thank you.

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