September 09, 2010

Pretend Autumn

So its after labor day, the kids are back in school, and in Virginia, its still too hot for sweaters or cozy scarves or even boots.

This is unacceptable. Fall is the best season (in my humble opinion) and as soon as the pools close it should be ready to take over! I mean, seriously. Is that asking too much?

On Tuesday, to celebrate this unofficial first day of fall (I know, I know, it doesn't technically start until the equinox, but shush. Technicalities are often boring) we had our own "first day of fall"  experience. First, I woke up really early while it was still cool to pick up some bread for sandwiches. I held onto the memory of that cooler temperature and pretended that the whole day was like that.

 Then we packed a lunch and all piled into a car and drove to starbucks, where we got pumpkin scones. (don't worry, this is not the final destination. we did not pack a lunch just for starbucks.)
image courtesy of starbucks
 hellllllo pumpkin goodness. These scones also firmly say "IT IS FALL." Because as we all know, Starbucks is the arbitor of most things, including the changing of the seasons. For example, Christmas starts as soon as the eggnog lattes come back. Am I right? Of course I'm right.

With pumpkin scones firmly in hand, we set out for Stribling Orchard. Normally, we go in Octoberish and pick lots of apples and make apple pies and eat apples until we don't really want to see apples ever again as long as we live.  However, we discovered on their website that apples actually start being ready in late august, and the apples that we normally picked are "winter apples."

So we picked apples. And thanks to the fact that I messed up one of the settings on my camera, all of the pictures from that occasion are blue. Trust me, you don't want to see them. They don't even look cool and hipstamatic-ed. They just look cold. We picked alot of apples, actually. But not as many as we could have, because pick your own apples are not as cheap as you might think, so we held back a bit.

Then we ate lunch overlooking the Appalachian mountains, and pretended that it was fall. Because, you see, it was 90 degrees by this point. Sigh.

Fake fall day a success, we went home and napped from exhaustion. Fake autumn is hard work, you guys.

The fake fall awesomeness was not over yet, however. My roommate made two luscious apple pies. There is nothing better than apple pie with homemade crust made with apples you picked yourself--so sweet and tasty and tart and yeah. I love apple pie. In fact, one of my brothers walked in and told us that it smelled like Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving, the pinnacle of real fall, must mean that fake fall was doing okay if we were at least kind of seeming like it.
the best apple pie. pretty much ever. thanks to my Roommate!

So yes, we like fall alot. And today, its like the seasons heard us and the temperature has dropped a good 10 degrees. . .now only to get down to the 50s when its so nice and crisp and autumnal. Hmm, I think we might have to bake more apple pies to make that happen.

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Sarah Johnson said...

That pie looks amazing! Oh man, I am so ready for fall, too. Best season there is!

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