October 18, 2010

maybe I go to Costco too much. . . .

Its no secret that I (and my family) love Costco. With 10 people living in this house right now, (and 3 of those are teenage boys) Costco is pretty much the best and only choice when it comes to buying mass quantities of food to feed us all. I am probably there at least once a week, if not two or three times.

Courtesy of Lydig Construction Apparently, they build Costcos. 

One of the things about being a Costco junkie is that you kind of hope the Costco people don't actually realize that you're a Costco junkie.  Because that would be just kind of awkward and strange, right? And what if they're like "heh, we saw you buying 6 gallons of milk just 3 days ago. How can you possibly need more?" and you're all like "uuuh, we do. . .we really do. JUST LET US GO NOW!!!"

I realize that this fear is actually pretty irrational because we live in a free market society (more or less) and they are glad to sell me as much milk as I want to buy as long as I am still paying for it. But still! this fear lives on. 

ANYWAY. The other day I realized that maybe I go to Costco too much when the Costco sample guy sees me coming up to the sample table and says "Hi! How are you? How is your family!" At first I thought that maybe he was just being nice, but then a few days later I was at Costco again and he saw me and said "Hi! I haven't seen you in a few days!" And this has been going on for a few months now.

So, yes. I go to Costco enough that the sample man recognizes me. I don't know if this means that I have a problem, or that the sample man is just really nice. I'm going to pretend that its the second option.

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Sarah Johnson said...

I love Costco. Brett and I go there a few times per month...we really like the chicken and mozzarella ravioli and the blue corn chips...and we buy the Dove shampoo and conditioner and we buy laundry detergent and toilet paper (of course!) It's a great place!!! Oh, and discounted AMC movie tickets and gas.

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