October 14, 2010

Now THIS is a food inside another food idea i can get behind.

So last week we looked at broccoli in muffins, and there was a collective consensus that it was pretty much the worst idea ever.  I promise that this blog is not going to become a blog about "food inside of other food" BUT. I found a recipe that I am now dying to try:   Pumpkin pie in a cupcake.

Courtesy of Food Beast
This is such a good idea. This is like turkey and gravy. This is like the combination of coffee and caramel. This is like -- every good food pairing ever.

Also, both the cupcakes and the frosting have cream cheese in them? oh be still my beating heart. (cream cheese is like, my ultimate buddy. we are pretty good friends.)

Some of you may be doubting. You might be thinking "hmm, i don't know. I don't even like pumpkin pie." Or "pumpkin pie AND  cupcake? isn't that just too much?"

In response: If you don't even like pumpkin pie, we are probably not going to be very good friends because fall is my favorite season and pumpkin pie (and other pumpkin things) IS fall.

But secondly -- how can pumpkin pie and cupcakes be too much? This is like rogers and Hammerstein! two good things make a BETTER thing! (please don't tell me that the analogy is completely irrelevant. Point being: you should love these things. )

Actually, now that I think about it, these might be kind of weird. But I guess I'll have to make them to see.

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