October 27, 2010

okay, t. swift. Let's get real

1. I like taylor swift. and most of her music.

2. But her new song, Speak now? Oh T-swizzle. We need to talk.

To start with: this song confuses me because the very beginning sounds vaguely like the first line to Such Great Heights. (speak now v. such great heights.) It doesn't really, but its close enough that I'm like "wait, no! freckles! eyes! not a wedding break up!"

But bigger than that -- oh geez.

Taylor, you have spent a lot of your songs talking about boys that are leaving you for some other girl and how it breaks your heart. (Teardrops on my guitar, Forever and Always, White Horse, Dear John, Stephen, TO NAME A FEW.) But now you are old and 20 so you are the one who can be all like "dude, actually, pick me. Leave your girl at the altar."

His ex-almost wife is probably going to go home and play Forever and Always really loudly and be all like "YOU DIDN'T MEAN IT DID YOU?!"

 I don't think that's what the pastor means when he says "speak now or forever hold your peace." Have you read Jane Eyre? (Warning: JANE EYRE SPOILERS AHEAD.)  That line is for stopping Jane Eyre-esque situations. "Hey, did you know that the guy you're marrying is actually already married to a crazy lady that he keeps locked in the attic?" "WHAT? omg. let's not get married, creeper."

It is not for you to be like "hey dude, remember me? ditch this jerk, be the best thing that's ever been mine!"

(hint: he's not yours. he's the best thing that's ever been hers. . . so . . . leave him alone.)

Additionally,  if he hasn't asked you to marry him he probably doesn't want to marry you, but probably wants to marry the girl he bought a huge diamond ring for. Could be wrong, but I think that's a fair guess.

All this to say Taylor, I like you. Keep making good music. Please don't bust up any weddings anytime soon.

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