October 23, 2010

things i try to like but don't

this has been a very long week. Among other things, I drove 10 hours round trip to the beach (an amazing 2 day mini vacation), bought some key winter wardrobe pieces (yay!) and still managed to work. (aaaaah)

So this post is not so much a post as a list. A list of "things that I try to like and feel like I should like but then I don't." And this is not saying these are bad things. People SHOULD like these things. I just have realized that. . .I don't. which sometimes makes me sad.

1. Tomatoes. 
Everyone is like "oooh, tomatoes, eat tomatoes. A fresh tomato right off the vine is like summer incarnate. Its so gooooood." And I'm like "yeah! tomatoes! that's for me!"
courtesy of the "food poison journal." yeeeeah. about that.

And then I bite in and OH MY GOSH there is that squishy gooky stuff in the middle with the seeds, being all gelatanous and gross and that is when I remember that no, I really just can't do tomatoes. More for those who actually like them, I guess?

2. Baseball
The world series is coming up, I know. I can name some big players from some teams at some time. (Okay fine, I can think of maybe 7 baseball players by name) and if any of the teams from places that I have connections to (read, DC or Minnesota) are doing well, I tend to know that. I also know that the Yankees are not my fav. (but don't worry, I still love you if you love them.)

from prizes1.com. Also see? I know that the rangers are in the world series!
However, I try to watch a game of baseball, and I realize that I have the worst attention span ever. Baseball expects you to sit there, waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and maybe -- just MAYBE someone will hit a ball sometime but you better watch closely because it is most likely that they are not going to hit the ball. I am just really bad at hours of staring at mostly nothing happening.

football is my kind of game, because you get a break in between each play, in which you can get something to drink, check your email, do something else, and you're not going to miss the ONE HIT OF THE LAST SEVEN INNINGS. I get that pitching a perfect game is cool. but a perfect game is NOT THAT MUCH FUN TO WATCH. at least for me.

I tried to think of a third thing for this list but those were the two that I have been thinking about lately so actually, that's it. happy weekend. 


~Holly said...

Excellent points! Especially about the superiority of football to baseball. ;-)

Annah said...

I'm totally with you on baseball. And I'm Cuban so by default I really *should* like it.

Tomatoes though... you don't know what you're mising. GOD! LOVE 'EM.

Lattany said...

I do the same thing with tomatoes. Like every time I pick them off my fuji apple salad from Panera. ;)

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