October 07, 2010

when people are nice and i can't even tell

Today I was driving to Borders because I was out of practice LSAT tests.

yes, I realize that this makes me the nerdiest junky ever but its true. Please don't get hung up on that fact and move along here.

Important thing of note for the rest of this story: My neighborhood is basically a labyrinth. To get from my house to the main road where Borders is, you have to stop at approximately 7 stop signs. (that is not an exaggeration. I think it might be more than 7.)

Anyway, it was a sweatpants and hoodie kind of day, and I was wearing my nerdy glasses, and generally feeling kind of not-put-together. But I just needed to run and get just 2 more practice LSATs and it was only going to take 2 minutes so I grabbed my purse and put my hair in a ponytail and ran out the door.

As I stop at stop sign #3, the lady coming in from the main road to the neighborhood makes some sort of sign with her hand, like she was waving at her back seat or something. I'm all like "what?" She definitely wasn't flipping me off, but I felt like she was trying to communicate something and I had no idea what it was. I keep driving and hope that in my haste to leave the house I hadn't forgotten to put on a shirt or something. (checked: was definitely wearing a shirt. and a hoodie.)

So I keep driving, and stop at stop sign #4, where the car coming in from the main road flashes his lights at me. Once again, I'm all like "what?" I knew that I was kind of frazzley today, but seriously now! What was wrong with my car? Had I totally missed something? Like an open door? or small child sitting on the trunk?

I was a little bit concerned that maybe I had done something  dumb, like driven away with my garage door on top of the car or something. So I pulled over and got out of my car. The lights were on and working. All of the doors were shut. There was nothing on the roof. There was nothing on the trunk. There was nothing on the hood.


So I got back in my car and rolled up to stop sign #5, and came to a full and complete stop because i was still pondering what was possibly wrong with my car that all of these people wanted me to fix.

Then I understood what they were trying to tell me. It actually wasn't about me.

you see, in our neighborhood, having so many stop signs, it can be tempting to blow through them. Which means that policemen love to hang out there. Yeeeeah. There were police cars parked at stop signs 5, 6, and 7.

and then I felt really dumb.

(thankfully, because of these cars causing me to ponder my life, I had come to a full and complete stop, and did not get pulled over.)

so the moral of the story is: always come to a full and complete stop!

I mean, just kidding! the moral of the story is: frequently, I am dense.


britni @ Antika Moda said...

Great post! Made me laugh :) especially the "small child sitting on the trunk" part lol! Love your blog, I'm your newest follower.

Jenna said...

glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for following!

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