December 27, 2010

losing important stuff

I have a bermuda triangle of clothing somewhere in my room.

to begin with, let's note that I live in a room that is approximately 10x12. Maybe. It's actually probably smaller than that, but I always like to give it the benefit of the doubt.

Not only is my room rather small, but I share it with my roommate. So that means that my room is really (when you count another person and another person's stuff) 5x6. (not really. but let's pretend, okay!)

When it started getting cold this winter, I started looking for my winter coat. I couldn't find it. I looked all over my room. Everywhere. No coat to be found. No where. Nada. I looked in every closet in this house. I looked in every BOX in this house. Everywhere. No coat.

Man, that's frustrating. Oh well. Maybe in my move from college back home it somehow got lost in the shuffle. That is really sad, I really liked that coat.

a pair of jeans like my jeans.:sniff:
So then, a few days later, I was wearing a new pair of jeans. I had just bought these jeans. I really liked them. At some point I stopped wearing them and wore pajamas or work clothes or something. A few days later, I wanted to wear them again.

No where to be found.

I checked my dresser. I checked my roommate's dresser. I checked my closet. I checked the laundry room. I checked under the bed. I checked my mom's room and my sister's room. I looked in every drawer that holds clothes in this house.

No jeans.

So basically, if anyone has seen my jeans or my coat, I think they might be where all of the socks that get eaten in the dryer are, and I'd really appreciate having them again. . .

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