January 25, 2011

I drink coffee all wrong.

confession: I drink coffee all wrong.

I didn't like regular coffee that much in highschool. Sure, I'd down a frappachino, but not actual coffee. "That will change when you go to college," everyone said.

latte in xining, china. Note that it was probably around noon when I drank this. 

But it didn't. I went to college, and I wanted to like regular coffee. I really did! I'd wake up bleary eyed and make myself coffee in the morning, whether from my roommate's coffee maker or from the cafeteria. . .but I'd end up throwing its cold remains out halfway through the day because the thought of actually sipping it made me pretty nauseated.

everyone kept telling me "but you NEED coffee! you are tired! you are overwhelmed!" All of my friends got serious coffee addictions.

This is not to say I didn't drink caffeine, but diet coke was more my style.

Then I graduated from school,  and felt like a failure as an adult. I was supposed to like coffee now! People sat around and drank coffee. And was like "uuum, I'll just. . . drink some water."

But then I realized what my problem was. Because I didn't dislike coffee all the time. Just at certain times. Like the morning. And when I was stressed out. I liked drinking coffee to relax! I liked coffee with dessert, and coffee when I'm on vacation. This means that in the morning, when I am sleepy and vaguely able to function, I will avoid coffee like the plague. But at night, when I'm about to go to sleep, I drink coffee like it's going out of style.

I'm trying to accept this about myself. But when I'm lying in bed and can't sleep because of dessert coffee I feel kind of stupid. And sometimes I feel just plain weird  drinking a diet coke when I get into work at 8am.

I keep trying to work on this. But "drinking-coffee-wrong-anonymous" just doesn't seem to have any chapters in my area.

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mollymalone said...

jenna, you are amazing. your blog makes my life better.

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