February 23, 2011

joshua radin, my bff.

this is a relatively anticlimatic story. You've been warned.

Being a fan is weird, you guys. The musician sings all of these personal songs and tells you personal stories about their life, and you're like "We are so close!" and "I listened to your song on repeat during some really important times of my life so obviously you know ALL about ME!"

public service announcement here: most of the time, they actually don't know anything about you.

(you may remember that I also feel this way about celebrities' twitter accounts)

POINT BEING. My friend Michaela and I went and saw Joshua Radin in concert at Eastern Mennonite University a few weeks ago. When doors opened (it was general admission) we were like those cars that drive up in your blind spot before you even realize they're there. We weren't there, and then we WERE THERE. sitting right in the very middle of the front row.

Sadly, my regular camera is broken, and the one i brought with me had a broken flash. which meant that these pictures are terrible and once Joshua Radin started singing, made him look like a blinding ball of light. (He wasn't. He was a normal guy with good hair.)

The concert opened with Kenneth Pattengale, who played the guitar like a boss and sang the last song to his daughter who hasn't been born yet. But when she is, he already has a song for her. Free tip: If you want most of the girls in the room to go "awwwww," sing a song to your future daughter. (Michaela and I, obviously, were very mature about our sappiness)
me. and the stage!

When Joshua Radin started playing, we were close enough that at one point I asked him a question in a normal voice and he ANSWERED. This means: JOSHUA RADIN IS REAL and he just told us a lot of sad stories about his ex-girlfriends so obviously WE ARE FRIENDS now. Us, and the 600 other people in the room!

But when the concert was over, we realized that wasn't so true because Joshua Radin got into his bus closed the door. He wasn't like "hey! My buddies! Jenna and Michaela! Come on in and lets have some coffee and catch up!"

So we turned homewards, but then! Who was there on his cell phone? The opener joshua-radin band man who played the guitar and looked vaguely like a young paul mccartney, Kenneth Pattengale!

Since Kenneth Pattengale had sang a song to his future daughter to us, we obviously were very old friends. But then I pretty quickly realized that we had never spoken before because. . . I didn't quite realize how to start the conversation. I couldn't be like "Hey! Kenneth! how's the family!?" because I have never met his family. At least, not that I know of.

So instead, we told him that we enjoyed the show, talked about where each of us were driving that night, and then--

this is where the story gets really anticlimatic.

Then we drove home.

moral of the story:  live music is fantastic. go to concerts! (especially Joshua Radin concerts. because he puts on a good show AND the music is pretty beautiful)

And as an added perk, although you may not be bffs with everyone who plays, you just might get to say hi to the guitarist opener.

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Michaela said...

SUCH a good recap. sigh. ;)

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