February 16, 2011

some suggestions

my new mug that i love! bad cell phone pic, but cute mug!
Things to do if you are going crazy:

1. do a sudoku puzzle.

2. make a list.

3. drink some diet coke with lime.

See? All better! 

at least, thats' what I did on my train ride home today. seemed to work.

(no doctor has evaluated these statements. use at your own risk. any resemblance to any person living or dead is not really coincidental, since it's supposed to resemble what I did.)


Aidan said...

dear jenna, these are good things to do. except making lists, because they are more scary than boredom-relieving.

also, for some reason, your RSS still takes me to the old blog, so my Mail isn't downloading your new posts. this makes me sad.

Jenna said...

hmmm . . . I will have to see what I can do about that. because that is not good. :(

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