March 31, 2011



see number 3.
1. i don't really quite understand this. but apparently, you can look at my blog in different ways. I personally prefer this one

2. i made these scones this morning. They were pretty darn tasty.

3.  This is my view in the morning when I come out of the depths of the metro and head to my job. Somehow, it makes me feel pretty regal. (okay also, it normally doesn't have a shadowy person. but it's hard to dig through my work purse quickly and grab my phone to snap a picture.)

photo via The Small Object
4. This quilt makes the travelling part of my heart very happy. Sarah of The Small Object sewed together 4 handkerchiefs, and then quilted it along the major roads of these cities. While i don't have the skill or the patience to quilt something like this, imagine it sitting on my lap and being able to trace the roads of Paris and New York seems awfully cozy. Maybe I'll have to make time and learn this skill. . . .

5. I know these last two posts are kind of random. Life has been a little crazy in the past few weeks--a longer post on food trucks in DC is coming this afternoon. Be prepared. You're going to want lunch AGAIN.

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