March 09, 2011

we love colors

Caveat: unless you are about to be in Robin Hood: Men in Tights, this post will probably be of little to no interest to my male readers. Sorry.

Since it is March, and almost spring, now it is obviously time for me to tell you about my new favorite tights!

don't worry. you're not going crazy. This is actually a relatively illogical time for me to tell you about  tights, but trust me. You want to hear about these tights.

I had heard many things about this company, We Love Colors. I was all "psh. they're tights. whatever."
But then target stopped carrying the tights I liked, and had these weird ones that ended up being all low waisted and stupid and looked dumb and ran and fell down and basically i hated them. (They were really bad, okay?)

courtesy of this blog
Let me just take a little moment to explain to you how I wear tights and nylons. Every time I get a new pair I am like "I am going to take care of this! I will not snag it on any coffee tables. I will not snag it on my nail. I will not snag it on a drawer. I will not snag it on my coat. I will not snag it on my letter opener (true story.)"

That always lasts about 3.4 minutes. At which point, I manage to snag them on something. Thankfully, when one has more expensive tights, they don't instantly rip. But after a few snags, they start getting all "we are not for snagging! do that one more time, and we are going to RUN."

Normally I talk back and am all "hey now. I'm at work. Need to look professional!" They're like "we are ditching this city." And then they run. And then I spend all day holding a folder in front of the giant ladder snaking down my knee that makes it look like i forgot to get dressed that morning.

These type of nylon and tight runs are not to be confused with "stylish ripped tights." For an example, see Miley Cyrus. That, apparently, makes you look like a rockstar. (I don't buy it, but whatever) However, somehow when it's my tights that are running, I look more like an idiot. I don't know how that works.

Point being! After seeing the blogosphere praise the wonders of We Love Colors, I was like "okay. enough is enough." So I ordered two pairs, in brown and hunter green. Hunter green for fun, brown for serious.

tights: we love colors, shoes: madden girl
They arrived and they were thick and soft and beautiful. My first thought was "I love colors!!!" Okay, not really. I was more like "now don't get too excited. These might turn out to be awful. They might snag and run and look terrible. And then you will be out a bunch of money and have rock star stockings, but you're not a rock star, so instead you will look like you have loser stockings."

But they DIDN'T. I wore them all over new york, to work, thrift shopping with Mrs. S Squirrel---basically, they were awesome. No sagging, no snagging, no running, no falling down, just perfectness! So I bought another pair. or two.

Now I just have to control myself from order all of the 51 colors of tights that we love colors offers. That's like. . .over $500 worth of tights. I can't do that.

but you could!

we love colors has never heard of me. Except for when I ordered from them. I'm just telling you about them because these tights were THAT awesome.


Sarah Lorence Johnson said...

Very cool! I noticed they had glitter ones as well...:)

Kindle said...

haha :)

rebecca said...

1. i like your writing.
2. i like your shoes. totally bought them but then returned them. wish i kept them.
3. i like you.


Jenna said...

@Sarah -- you know you want some ;)

@Rebecca -- I'm glad, and yes!!! you should have kept them. they are so comfortable! (and <3. we should get together sometime)

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