June 01, 2011

raspberry nutella cupcakes? YES.

So it was Tia's birthday, and a group of us are getting together to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" very loudly with great gusto.

But how can you have great gusto without cupcakes? (hint: you can't. Duh.)

I had volunteered to bring cupcakes. But the day arose and I realized I had no idea what type of cupcakes I was going to make. On top of this, I had a full day of work and a lot of laundry to do. Pantry evaluating time!

I had a lot of stuff in my pantry. Including white wine vinegar, a lot of cereal, and hot dog buns. Thankfully, I decided not to include them in these cupcakes.

I know, this is a horrible cell phone picture. I need a new camera and . . . yeah.

You might say "but Jenna, these look like boring old chocolate cupcakes."

And I might say "well, maybe they are..." and then eat them all while laughing maniacally at you! Because they are way more than that.

Raspberry Nutella Cupcakes
makes 24 cupcakes

1 box german cake mix (probably would work with any sort of chocolate cake. I just used what I had)
1 pack instant vanilla pudding (this could be chocolate. again, what I had on hand)
1/3 cup vegetable oil
3 eggs
1 1/4 cups water
1/2 cup raspberry preserves
3/4 cup nutella
1/2 bag mini chocolate chips
1/2 bag dark chocolate chips

frosting (this made like, twice as much frosting as I needed. So, maybe you should half this)
6 oz cream cheese, softened
3/4 cup nutella
the rest of my jar of raspberry preserves (3/4 cup?)
3 tablespoons buttermilk (a long splash)
6 cups of powdered sugar (or so)

For the cake:
Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F. Put everything in a bowl, except for the chocolate chips. Mix. Fold in the chocolate chips. Pop them into those little muffin tins and let them cook for 20-25 minutes.

While that's cooking. . .
For the frosting: Put everything except for the powdered sugar into a bowl. You really want your cream cheese to be room temperature (I zapped mine for 15 seconds in the microwave) because otherwise it will be all lumpy. Lumpy = gross. Whip it together. Add powdered sugar until it reaches desired consistency. This could be more or less than 6 cups, depending on how you're feeling. I went for pretty thick

Take the cupcakes out, and let them cool. Once totally cool, frost and EAT.

The nutella adds some extra complexity to your normal chocolate/raspberry pairing. The extra dark chocolate chips make the cupcakes not cloyingly sweet, and with the cream cheese/buttermilk in the frosting, you feel like you're eating a decadent dessert, but not a "oh my gosh I just got diabetes RIGHT NOW" dessert.

Yeah, you should make these now.


Nicole said...

Those sound legitimately divine.

Gabrielle Ryan said...

ohmyfreakinggosh, Jenna, those sound amazing!!!

Bonnie T said...

I tried them-they were lovely! Thanks for posting the recipe!...and also for NOT including hot dog buns in it...:)p

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