July 14, 2011

breaking stuff

(this post was in my drafts folder from a few weeks ago. so adjust dates accordingly, if you're that sort of person) 

there should not be anything made of glass in our house.

Why, do you ask? Because we manage to break it. This weekend in particular was a glass breaking extravaganza.

It all started when one of my brothers picked up a decorative glass thing that kind of looked like an acorn (but not really) but was about the size of an apple. I'm not even going to try to describe it because when I do it sounds weird but really, it wasn't that weird. It was painted, and he thought it was metal. He said to my other brother "catch!" and tossed it at him.

it wasn't metal.

So that was shattered glass thing number one that we threw away this week.

lamps from ikea
Then yesterday, my youngest brother was playing on the top bunk in my room. I've been redecorating, which means moving from random college plastic tubs and into actual furniture. One of the things that my roommate and I recently put in were these little lamps from Ikea, one for both the top and the bottom bunk. That way we wouldn't have to do the whole "do you still need the light?" "uh, just for a few more minutes" "how about now?" "hold on" "okay now i'm good" thing when we headed to sleep each night.

So my youngest brother was up there, playing with a cookie monster stuffed animal. Apparently, cookie monster was attacking a city where all of the people are cookies. Sounds pretty dangerous to me. I was sitting directly beneath him on the bottom bunk, working away, when suddenly, SMASH and a huge chunk of glass came flying at my head. No, someone was not breaking in through the window. Apparently, cookie monster had just gotten a little rambunctious and thought the lamp was a cookie.

(no one was injured, thanks for asking. but the lamp is a goner)

Twice is odd. 3 times is a trend. And this one didn't even involve anyone doing anything. This weekend, we also had our 5 month old oven replaced. Why would you have your stove replaced? you might ask.

Well, there was a bottle of wine sitting on top of the refrigerator. Not too weird. It's a good place to store bottles of wine -- they're out of the way, but you can still see them to drink them. We were doing some work in the kitchen, and closed the refrigerator door the same way we normally close it -- firmly, but not CRAZY.

Apparently, it was crazy. Because the wine bottle rolled off the top of the refrigerator, bounced on the floor, and bounced into the front of the oven. Then back to the floor.

The wine bottle was fine.

The oven door was not.

For the next few weeks we avoided the random showers of glass that kept falling out in millions of teeny tiny pieces from the front of the oven. Thankfully, it was under warranty, and we got a new oven.

But clearly, anything glass should really stay away from our house. At least for the time being.

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