July 11, 2011

cameras are out to get me

My sophomore year of college, I bought a digital camera. It was a simple point and shoot, but was pretty good for chronicling what happened at school.

Right before graduation, I lost the charger. No problem! I'll just buy a new charger. Surprise! Your camera is three years old? We do not sell chargers for it! Hahahaha!

I was put out.

Six months after graduation, I went to a camera store, and dropped some cash on a new camera charger made for "really really old cameras and why do we even sell this?" I charged my camera's battery. I put the battery in the camera. I turned on the camera.

The lens was broken. No pictures for me.

That's okay. I'll move on. I'll use another camera while I save up for one that is more than a point and shoot.

via kidstechreviews.com
For my mom's birthday this March, we got her a swanky Nikon. One with  knobs and buttons that eventually I should learn how to use, but right now, haven't.  Anyway, I can use this camera for now, when it's around my house. So that's cool, right?

 Sort of. Because during the 4th of July, I took a bunch of pictures. Some of them of the awesome SURPRISE FLAG cake that we made. I wanted to show you all. So I took the camera and looked for the USB cord. Oh, our camera didn't come with a USB cord. Oh, normally they just put it in the card reader on Mom's computer. Oh, I don't have a card reader on my computer.


so now I have to go either by a card reader or a usb cord for the camera. But in my luck, by the time I buy a USB cord, the camera will have stopped working, and I'll have to start all over again.


Jennifer Pinkerton said...

1) Technology is only good while its working.

2) I love your witty blogging.

3) The nutella cupcakes look so delicious I'm drooling all over my computer (hopefully the bossman doesn't mind).

4) Hi! I haven't talked to you in a while! ;-)

Rebecca - A Daily Something said...

haha, I feel ya.... I NEED a fancy camera ASAP. But for now I have a point and shoot digital. W/ no USB cord (it's lost) and I have no card slot in my ancient computer, so I have to use my mom's every.single.time. And then transfer the pics to my computer. Frustrating!

Bonnie T said...

SAD!! My sympathies!!

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