July 12, 2011

I'm trying to buy a car

Right now, I have a goal. It's a pretty simple goal.

"Buy a car."

Unfortunately, there are a whole lot of limitations that go along with this goal.

1. It should be cheap.
2. It should not have spent any part of it's life wrapped around a telephone pole. Or squished by an 18-wheeler.
3. it should have only driven across the country 5 times, as opposed to 10 or 12 times.
4. It should not be a fifteen passenger  van. (you think I joke? stay tuned)

The other complicating factor is that I know nothing about cars. Well okay, very little. I know what the steering wheel and the brake peddle are. Also that cars generally have windows which should be able to move up and down.

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so I am very apprehensive about buying a car, because I'm afraid I'll buy a car which, based on the internet, might not be a horrible deal. And then it will come home and spontaneously combust in my driveway. 

But despite these fears, I'm moving forward bravely. Mostly because coordinating rides is getting old. So a few days ago, I called a dealership close by our house. They had a 2002 volvo listed online that seemed like it might be in my price range and still have a working odometer!

Unfortunately, someone else agreed with me that this car was a catch, because it had already been sold. Boo. But the salesman on the phone was very interested in trying to get me to buy another car. At first he mentioned a car that was 3x the price of the car I had called about. I made a confused, raised eyebrow face (which he couldn't see since he was on the phone) but I think he got the picture. He then started telling me about another car he had, in my price range, that also seemed to not have been driven from alaska to chile.

"Um, what type of car is it?"
"(Something that I didn't understand. Presumably a car name.)"
"So it's a -- sedan?"
"Oh no, it's a minivan."

I don't think that he understood what I was looking for.

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Rebecca - A Daily Something said...

hahaha. I feeel your pain. I, too, am looking to buy a car, but am clueless. And have similar specifications as you. ;)

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