July 15, 2011

more lists!

Wednesdays and Fridays are days made for lists. So here it is. a list to send you off into the weekend.

A List of Good Things

1. Joanna at A Cup of Jo showcased this print a few months ago. I bought it. Now it lives next to my bathroom mirror. . .although I'm not sure if the rest of the world appreciates my new found commitment to messy hair. (PS: the girl who makes these is in Northern VA, folks. So local buying and all that!) (Unless you're not in Northern VA. In which case--uh. Well, they're still cute prints!)

2. If you haven't ever tried Simply Orange Juice with Mango, then stop. Put on your shoes. Get in your car. Go buy some. Drink it. Thank me later. My roommate in college, Ems, and I would drink this stuff non-stop. It helped me survive Junior year, I am pretty sure. I tried to think of a way to describe how good this is, and the only thing I came up with was "it's like Orange Juice! With Mango!" You just have to try it for yourself.

3. If you thought you knew how to fold tshirts, think again. You think "this can't be real." But then you do it, and your tshirts look fantastic! I mean, okay. Caring about how your folded tshirts look is probably not the most important thing to care about. But this is as close as I'm ever going to get to a magic trick, okay?


Kathleen said...

Omg. This post may be the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Nicole said...

The folding video. whoa. I want to see you do this magic trick so i can comprehend this happens in real life.

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