July 20, 2011

wednesday list 2

welcome to wednesday. I know, you would have just felt a little bit uncomfortable being here in this day of the week if someone hadn't welcomed you in. That's what I'm here for. The theme of this week's wednesday list? (sometimes these things won't have themes. But this one does.)


1. Do you sometimes need to nap at your desk, but don't know how to? Try the Ostrich Pillow. Totally unassuming, not awkward at all, and it definitely won't smother you!

2. This drink is sweet and best enjoyed in very small amounts, but it is like a tropical wonder. Just make sure you don't order this when there's a long line behind you at starbucks, because changes are, the barista will have you repeat it a few times and you might get confused too and it all goes downhill from there.

Tall passion tea, orange mango mix instead of water, one pump coconut. It doesn't have caffeine. But it does have IRRISTABLE BRIGHTNESS. I know, it's totally not the same as caffeine. Humor me.

image via starbucks

3. I saved the best for last. This will get you through your week. I promise. Just watch it. All of it.

oo rah, Momma dog.


Nicole said...

that video was great.

Brian said...

gunny is riding momma dog! gunny is riding momma dog!

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