August 11, 2011

not quite what I meant...

Tonight, we had a dinner time conversation that clearly showed the difference between spirit and letter of the law. We will call the players Tom, Jerry, and....Sam.

Me: Tom,  you can't have more tortillas until you eat some carrots.
Tom: I can't eat carrots. I have braces.
Jerry: How come you eat popcorn then?
Me: Okay, well then you have to eat A VEGETABLE before you have more tortillas.
Tom: Because carrots are tough to eat all the way through.
Jerry: Popcorn sometimes is hard all the way through.
Me: Jerry, stop talking about what Tom can eat.
Tom: Popcorn is mostly soft and if I hit a kernel I can spit it out.
Me: Tom! Everybody! No more talking about what Tom can or can't eat with braces!

Brief, blessed moment of silence.

Sam: So Jerry, let's pretend that you have braces. What could you eat?


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