August 24, 2011

wednesday list 4

Today I went outside, and it was chilly enough that I needed a SWEATER. AAAH!!! I am so excited! HEY FALL!!! HOW YOU DOING?! ::cough::

via modcloth

1. fall is coming, which means I'm starting to lust after fall shoes. How cute are these ones?

via target
 2. but speaking of new trends. FANNY PACKS SHOULD NOT COME BACK. Come on Target! Calling it a "belt bag" does not un-fanny pack this.

3.A song. Yes, this is also from Crazy, Stupid, Love. But they had some good songs on that soundtrack, okay?


Rebecca - A Daily Something said...

1. Just bought very similar vintage heels in turquoise at a thriftttty store. SCORE. Can't wait to wear them. You should buy those.
2. Initally I felt the same way about fanny packs. BUT. Then I saw this and was kiiinda lusting after it.

Jenna (J & Co) said...

I just can't get behind the fanny pack trend. even that cute breakfast at tiffany's one! its still called a fanny pack!! what if it was just a long chain bag that could hang on your shoulder or crossbody? so much better.

MSwank said...

I agree, fanny packs should stay in the past.

Those red shoes are super cute!

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