September 09, 2011

stop tactics

where I work in DC, there are people standing on the street with clipboards pretty much constantly, trying to get you to sign on for some cause or another. Mostly it's the greenpeace people, although this summer we also got peta and "clean the anacostia river."

Anyway, most of them try to arrest a hapless office worker's attention with something like "Do you have a minute for the environment?" or handing you a free CD. (that was the peta tactic). This is normally remarkably unsuccessful. We've seen you there. We know you're coming. So we smile and say "no thank you" and keep walking.

Today there was a new group of folks. I didn't catch who they were with because I had a scarf over my head in an attempt to dodge the impending flood raining down from the sky, but I knew they weren't greenpeace, peta, or the anacostia river. But they did have the best opening line.

"Hi, let's be friends!"

I was trying to discern whether something in the urban outfitter's window was meant to be a hat or a shirt, so I wasn't paying very good attention.

"I'm sorry, what?"
"Let's be friends! You look like a fun person."

I then realized he was holding a clipboard, so I had to give him the normal "no thanks," and run inside before every single part of me was soaked.

But hey, this is progress! (for them, that is.) I at least paused for about 10 seconds!


Aidan said...

my personal favorite was when they tried to high-five me while I was carrying a Starbucks and texting on my cellphone. I'm pretty sure my incredulous stare and raised eyebrow sufficed for a "no thanks."

Sarah Lorence Johnson said...

So, I guess what I want to know is: was it a hat or shirt?

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