October 10, 2011


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a few days ago, I was thinking "you know what I am really bad at and I bet there is an internet tutorial for? Winged eyeliner."

It was a lazy sort of day, so I got out of bed, without any other make up on, and practiced my winged eyeliner, using an internet tutorial. Hey, not bad!

I kind of forgot about my winged eyeliner, puttered around...and then decided to go to the gym. My plan was to come back afterwards and shower for the day, and then I would be clean, awesome, beautiful, all that stuff.

As I was walking into the gym, I caught my reflection in the glass doors. That was when I realized I had no makeup on. Except for heavy winged eyeliner.

I handed the guy my gym card, debating the best way to cover over the fact that I looked a little bit mental. Is it better to look him straight in the eye, or look down? Doesn't looking down emphasize the fact that I have cartoonlike winged eyeliner on with nothing else to soften it?

(by now, i was pretty sure that I had scribbled all over my face with eyeliner, that's how self conscious I was feeling about it.)

So I kind of looked all over the room and was like "heeeeey, here's my card!!" and didn't look very closely at anything which probably made me look even crazier.

I now am really dedicated to washing my face after messing around with makeup.

(ps: to those of you who are interested: winged eyeliner tutorial)

1 comment:

Bonnie T said...

Hahaha! Funny thing is...I can picture myself doing the same thing! Thanks for sharing. :D

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