October 14, 2011

pumpkin quest

Brownies 1. Courtesy of pennies on a platter
As we've previously discussed, I really, really, really like fall. A key ingredient in fall is pumpkin. And what goes great with everything? Chocolate. Duh. 

This is the story of my quest for the perfect pumpkin brownie. Do I find it? Read on to discover the answer! (hint: MAYBE I DO.)

Brownies #1

On pinterest a few weeks ago, I saw someone link to "pumpkin brownies."

Great! I thought. That sounds wonderful. Pumpkin + brownie--what else could you ask for?

 So I made this recipe. They were fine, but I used too small of a pan for my doubling of the recipe, so they were really thick and not quite "brownie" enough for me. Not enough chocolate and too cakey. If you are looking for "pumpkin cake with chocolate chips," then yes, this is not bad.

Onward I pushed.

Brownies 2. Courtesy of Vegan Cupcakes Take over the World
Brownies #2

Once again, pinterest held more treasures! I saw these brownies, which were pumpkin, brownie, and vegan. Okay, that's cool. I can roll with the vegans. Of course, I managed to unvegan these by using butter instead of oil, buuuut....

These were not awful. They just weren't GOOD. The pumpkin wasn't very flavorful. The chocolate base STILL didn't taste very chocolatey. Overall, I was sad.

Enough of leaving my pumpkin brownie life to fate. I was going to get serious. I was going to try....

Brownies #3

These pumpkin brownies were from Martha. Which means you KNOW it will be good. Or at least, really complicated. Thankfully, it wasn't too complicated. I noticed right away that it was different than the other 2 recipes in that it used a small henhouse worth of eggs. That's cool, that's cool. I also skipped the nuts, because we
a. didn't have them
b. Most people in this house don't like them. (probably why we didn't have them)

And then they came out of the oven. Oh! They were perfect. The chocolate was chocolatey, with a nice crispiness on the bottom, while still being soft on the inside. The pumpkin was flavorful, and the swirling meant that you got just the right amount of pumpkin and chocolate in every bite.

Make these. Trust me. You won't regret it.

brownies #3. Via Martha Stewart

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