January 13, 2012


Recently, I've been moonlighting as a photographer/videographer for work. This means that over the last month, I have found myself in New York on several occasions, in search of a spot to upload photos back to the mothership. (Of course I mean the office, yes.) What follows are my official rankings of "places to upload photo and video in New York City, from worst to best."

1. Your Droid WiFi
Your droid wifi is great when you need to find out a thing or two, or have to send that one text file using your computer. Try uploading a picture with it and it instantly freaks out. "A photo?! Me?! From your computer? Over the internet?! I don't know what to do! AAAAAAAAAAH the only correct response is to turn off!"

(Then again, my droid does this even when I'm just trying to play angry birds, so maybe I just have a particularly sensitive phone?)

2. Your midtown hotel wifi which costs $9.95
If you think "oh, this wifi costs money. It must work well," hahahaha, you are so cute. My first clue was when I opened my computer and it spent several minutes trying to open the google homepage. I decided to upload a 30 second video clip. An hour later, I bailed. At the rate it was going, I could have developed an entire broadway play around this clip before it finished uploading.

3. A downtown hotel where you are eating lunch's wifi
We had stopped for lunch at a hotel that we weren't staying at, and I thought  "oh, I will just get some photos uploading while we wait for our sandwiches." These were complicated sandwiches that took a little while to prepare. We ate them leisurely. I tried not to look like a weirdo as I kept checking to see if I needed to add any more pictures because they were uploading so fast. (no, they weren't.) The check came. We looked at it for a while. We got coffee. We paid the check. We talked for a while. 3 pictures had been uploaded.

4. Time Square Starbucks' wifi
There was a guy watching hulu next to me, and another woman was uploading videos too. Yet somehow, this wifi  managed to get itself together and CARRY THAT VIDEO across it's waves. Or whatever wifi has. It took some time (about 2 cappuccinos and a bag of glazed almonds of time) but it WORKED.

5. A Midtown Church where your boss has a meeting's wifi
If you have to upload video in New York, I highly recommend swinging by a church. Their internet is like a streak of lightning. And you will be like "woah, I got up to take a drink of water and all of my pictures that I have ever taken have been uploaded. I really don't think the office wanted to see my early attempts at artsy photography that include poorly lit shots of clover. . . oh well."

Of course, it is helpful if someone in your party actually has some sort of connection to said church, like a meeting or something, as opposed to just knocking on their door and being like "hey, I hear there's good wifi. . ."


Mrs. Miller said...

::chuckling:: the church is good at so many things!

rebecca said...

haha. yes! church wifi!

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