April 23, 2012

cab driver questions

I came back this weekend on a train that got into Union Station at about 12:45am, so I had to take a taxi home. After exchanging pleasantries with the driver and letting him know where I was going, we settled into the comfortable silence that comes when you're riding in a cab after midnight, coming home from a work trip.

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(sidenote: the silence on my part normally comes because I'm dozing. I'm hoping the drivers are normally silent because they're deep in thought, not because they are also dozing.)

About halfway through the ride home, the driver asked me a question. Since, as previously mentioned, I was slightly asleep, I didn't quite catch what he said. Maybe he needed to be reminded of the exit we should take?

"I'm sorry, what was that?"

"I'm trying to remember something. Does the energizer bunny wear slippers?"

 "Um....I'm not sure?"

Now I was alert. Was this the start of some bigger conversation?

But he didn't say anything else the entire ride, except for "please sign here" and "have a good night!" when he dropped me off.

 So, just in case YOU were wondering if the energizer bunny wears slippers or not, I checked. It appears that the energizer bunny does wear flip flops, sometimes called slippers. Now I'm prepared for the next time someone asks me that question. Whenever that may be.

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