May 03, 2012


People joke about how much they don't like auto correct. "Haha, I tried to tell them I was coming to dinner, but instead I told them I was canoeing down a river!!!! hahahahaha"

But you have no idea how much trouble auto correct saves you until your phone mysteriously stops using it.

I realized that nothing in my text messages were being auto corrected. I would send messages trying to say "hi i will be right there," but sometimes I type really fast and sloppily so it turned into "gu i wikk be rifgt tjwew" which is typing not even a mother could love (or understand.) Normally, my phone would be all "hey now! when you type "gu," we have gathered that you may actually mean "hi!"" Sometimes my phone, for all of its silliness, is pretty smart.

But last week, for some reason, it decided it was tired of correcting all of my mistakes, so it just stopped working.

This proved to be a bit of a problem. For one, speedy texting while in line relies on your ability to load groceries onto the conveyer belt and text quickly at the same time. This means your text messages look something like this: "aslkdfasd faleiwoe gnalweig hlkasjdhfw sld woeig skld we ide lsdkfs we." Autocorrect would helpfully turn that into "Are you sure we need onions?" Without autocorrect, I couldn't even send the message, which meant we ended up with way too many onions at home.

(please. You don't text in line at the grocery store?)

After about a week of slow and careful texting, I was getting a little put out. I tried poking around in my settings. I tried shaking my phone. I tried some of the complicated double tap finger slide while holding the phone upside down maneuvers that I figured I might have inadvertently done in the very beginning that had made my autocorrect die.

Then, I tried google.

While google was mostly full of people trying to turn off their autocorrect, I was successfully able to reverse the instructions and turn mine back on.

That's why I could type this whole pipe on my pool!

Oh autocorrect! I meant--whole post on my phone. 

1 comment:

Bonnie Teplik said...

Hahaha! Thank you for this! Needed a laugh. :) Isn't it funny how we all become so dependent on all these things our grandparents never dreamed about??

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