May 15, 2012

coconut and its uses (2)

On the internet I had heard tell that if you wanted to have hair as soft as silk hand spun in tiny caves by silkworms tended to by only the best silk specialists, you should use coconut oil in your hair. Made sense to me.  I've done hair masks before--normally it entails putting something semi-nasty on your hair, letting it sit for 20 minutes, and then washing it out. Your hair looks great!

I decided to try it with the coconut oil. Not because I was particularly upset with my hair, but we had coconut oil, I had some time to kill, and sometimes it's fun to have super soft hair. I read some instructions, and followed them carefully. First I dampened my hair, then using my hands, spread melted coconut oil through the bottom half of my hair. Nothing near the scalp, who wants greasy hair?! (that's what the internet said, and I trusted it. Foolish, foolish Jenna. Be careful when you trust the internet.) I rolled my hair up into one of those towel turban things that every girl knows how to do, but doesn't really remember how exactly she learned how to do it, and then I waited.

20 minutes went by. I was ready for you, hair! Hair that fell in a cascade, like the rippling water of a babbling brook! That was going to be my hair!

My first hint that maybe these instructions weren't all they cracked up to be is that they told me just to "rinse" the coconut oil out of my hair. Maybe they never had vinaigrette salad dressing growing up or had missed some chemistry 101, but water was not going to get oil out of my hair. After I rinsed for a very long time, wondering if maybe coconut oil had some special powers, I realized no, it doesn't. So I washed my hair with shampoo.

Blow drying my hair, I noticed something funny. Instead of being as soft as the downy feathers on a baby bird of paradise, my hair was....greasy. No problem! I probably just didn't use enough shampoo the first time around. So I grabbed my more hard core clarifying shampoo and washed my hair again.

Still greasy. And now all of this washing has managed to spread the coconut oil everywhere, so I felt as though I had bathed in chicken nuggets. Whoever told me to put this stuff in my hair has basically ruined my life. Fine! I will wash my hair again! Twice!

Finally, now 4 washes from when I originally put the coconut oil in, my hair was clean.

And you know what? It WAS as soft as baby's breath with morning dew.

So next time I need super soft hair, and have 2 hours to wash my hair 4 or 6 times, I will definitely use coconut oil.

Otherwise, conditioner works just fine.


Kyte said...

HAHA. Oh my gosh, I miss you so much. I want baby-soft hair like finest silky silkworm n' stuff!

Becca Chin-Yee said...

Hehe. Great post! Actually Jenna, if you don't want to mess with the trouble and ick of washing w/ the coconut oil, I use it as a leave in anti-frizz serum. It's great! Emulsify a dime-sized dot in your hand and run it through your hair :)

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