May 14, 2012

coconut and its uses

preface: When I was younger, I didn't really like coconut. I would much rather have a peanut butter cup than anything fruity, and that's normally where you saw coconut. But as I've gotten older, my palate went crazy and now likes ALL SORTS OF THINGS. Including coconut.

use of coconut no. 1: Starbucks has the mocha coconut frappucino back, guys. I rarely, if ever, drink frappucinos. Probably something to do with the cost (over $4 even for a tall?!), the low caffeine to volume ratio, and the whole "sugar is probably not the best thing for most people to consume in huge quantities" deal. But this last week was Starbucks happy hour, so I have to admit, I indulged. When it's half price, who cares about the sugar? Probably your doctor, but shh, we won't tell them.

So I go in, ready to order a caramel frappucino or something. And then I saw it on the menu. The mocha coconut frap. A little choir of tiny angels sang out a brief "Aaaah!" right by head. Or they would have if I was in a Tom and Jerry cartoon. It's chocolatey, but with a tropical "aha!" in there, plus a toasty coconut topping that is crunchy and a great foil to the sweet creamy coldness underneath. Here's a hint: Starbucks has chocolate whipped cream right now. Get that on your mocha coconut frap, and then just cry a little tear of happiness.

use of coconut no. 2: Recently, my mom read an article about how coconut oil can be good to help your brain stay sharp. Considering this to be a positive thing, she bought a jar of it. I've tried putting it in my smoothies, and man oh man, is it delicious. Super easy recipe below (note: sub in whatever fruit you like, I just used what I had on hand)

(also note: I didn't use any ice because most of my fruit was frozen. If you are using non frozen fruit, add a handful of ice. Let me also use this time to plug freezing your fruit if you want to make smoothies--it makes your life so much easier, and you don't even have to water the smoothie down with ice!)

Blueberry Coconut Smoothie
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup greek yogurt
1 banana
3/4 cup frozen blueberries
1 tablespoon coconut oil, melted. (from what I've read, I guess it's important to get virgin coconut oil, or you lose some of the benefits. We bought ours at Trader Joe's. Also, coconut oil is a semi-solid at room temp, so you need to melt it. I just microwaved it for 15 seconds.)

optional: 1 tablespoon honey (I skipped it)

Layer milk, yogurt, banana, and blueberries into blender. Blend until nearly smooth. Take the melted coconut oil and while the blender is running, stream it in. If you want, add honey here. Then drink, and pretend you are in a cabana on a beach. Unless of course, you live in a cabana on a beach, in which case, no pretending needed.

use of coconut no. 3: Well, you'll just have to tune in tomorrow to hear that one. Spoiler alert: it's about a hair mask gone very wrong. 

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Bonnie Teplik said...

Smoothie was AWESOME, thanks! :D My coconut oil did end up in little crunchy chunks, but I enjoyed the fun texture. :)p

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