June 19, 2012

anthropologie perfume

A few months ago, Anthropologie opened near my office. This is dangerous. Very, very dangerous.

It's so easy to just wander by. "I'll just stop in. See what's on sale. Maybe try on something so when it does go on sale I know what size to buy. But it's so pretty. SoooOooooo pretty." (for example: this skirt. Do I need another casual, light colored skirt? no. Do I ever want to spend $78 on a "just for fun" skirt? no. But do I love it? Yes.)

Even more tempting is the siren song of "oh, I'll just run in there because I need to get a GIFT for someone." The self-sacrificial one, just trying to do right by her fellow man. Riiiiiiiight.

However, today I did come out with a pretty good find. I have to admit, I normally find Anthro perfumes to be a bit too fussy for my taste. In the sale section of my store, they had a huge bucket full of little roll on perfumes. I smelled the first one, which smelled like dirt, the second one like day old orange peel, and the third like grass and allergies.

But then I smelled one called "bombay vanilla." Normally, I shy away from vanilla scents, because they end up being too sweet, but this one is far more spicy than any vanilla I've ever smelled. It's very intense--you only need a tiny bit, but offers a light nutmeg/vanilla scent that makes me feel mysterious. Vanilla and nutmeg may make you think it makes you smell like cake, but it doesn't. It smells the way the very beginning of the new-er A Little Princess movie looks.  It's light enough for summer, but complex enough that it offers a nice contrast to all of the fruity florals around this time of year.

Best of all, because it was on sale, it was only $7.95. Since I tend to get tired of perfumes kind of quickly, that price point and size point (.33 oz, totally TSA friendly) worked out pretty well for me.

It doesn't look like this is available online anymore, but you should check out your local store, because mine had about forty.

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