June 25, 2012

Borders Books and Music

There used to be a Borders in our neighborhood. It was our go-to bookstore ever since I was little, and I have special memories of camping out there every Christmas during college, trying to write my moot court brief, which was nvariably due 2 days before or after the 25th. (Borders didn't have wifi, so I was less distracted.)

When Borders went out of business, we kept shopping there until almost the very last day. It was sad to drive by and not have the option of wandering in to look through giant books of photography or "how to" guides.

But when God closes a door he opens a window, right? So we started speculating about what might go into the new space. "Maybe we'll get a Target!" "I just want Trader Joe's." We waited for months.

Suddenly, in what seemed like an overnight invasion, the new store opened. Golfsmith.

Every time we drive by now, someone in the car comments "Golfsmith?! Really?" One of my brothers tries to defend it, saying that "lots of people golf around here." We respond again with "Golfsmith?!! REALLY?!"

A bookstore for Golfsmith. That, my friends, is 87% of what is wrong with America.

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