June 05, 2012

homeschoolers--trying to be normal people

I was standing in line at the post office with a package addressed to a student at my alma mater. This particular post office had one clerk dealing with a line about 15 people long, which had formed when one woman seemingly couldn't understand the how two day mail could cost SO MUCH and talked to the clerk for about three hours. (perhaps I exaggerate)

This meant that you became friends with the people around you in line, since you had so much time to form deep and lasting relationships. I think a couple in line behind me actually got married during this wait

The guy behind me in line struck up a conversation. "Oh, that city!" he said, pointing to my box. "I was out there just the other day on the bike trail!" We talked pleasantly about biking for a few minutes. He then looked at the box again.

"Oh, that school! Isn't that where homeschoolers go because they're not ready to be with normal people?"

I'm never quite sure how to respond when someone asks some version of this question. What I always want to do (but don't, I promise) is to start twitching, flip all my hair in front of my face, and say "this IS normal!" Instead I laughed it off, and gave him the yes-alot-of-homeschoolers-go-there-but-so-do-people-who-weren't-homeschooled and the-focus-is-leadership-and-many-of-the-students-are-government-majors line. (I almost threw in a some-of-my-classmates-went-to-public-school, but that seemed a little lame)

He looked at me, shook his head, and said "I never understood it. It's that school and another one in Virginia. All of these homeschoolers go there. I think they get the word in their secret society and then they all go to the same schools so that they can stick together and get normal."

I had no time to dispute his secret society claim. It was my turn at the post office counter. I was able to mail the package, so I think I did it, guys. I'm ready to be with normal people.

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