July 02, 2012

Hidden Flag Cake

My family celebrates the big holidays with style--we always have sit down dinners at Easter and Thanksgiving at a table with 20 or so people. But we don't stop there. Two holidays is not enough! St. Patrick's Day is serious with lots of green food, and Fourth of July is always a huge celebration. This usually involves barbeques, an epic fireworks display, and of course, tons of patriotic desserts. 

Last year I saw this cake which was relatively attractive. And looked like a good recipe. Also this cake, which looked like it would be pretty exciting to cut into. So I used the first recipe to make....a plain white cake.



Surprise! It's a flag.
(as a sidenote: It's strange when you work on doing something a fair amount (for me, taking pictures) and feel like you have always been at about the same level of skill. So when I thought "hey, I know I took pictures of this cake when I made it last year," I saw some photos in my head of nice cake, clearly showing how beautiful it was. Instead I found no good pictures of the inside of this actual cake. So, sorry for the flashed out photo. Hopefully, you'll get the idea. And if you google "hidden flag cake" you will see many more examples, including people who made very very thin layers and actually had 13 stripes instead of just 4.)

Recipe here. I just used a regular white buttercream. The original blogger's frosting was a bit much for me. Also, when she says "flour and parchment paper your pans," she is not making a gentle suggestion. It is FOR REAL. I may have made this cake more than once because my first version turned into cake crumbles because I was like "parchment, smarchment."

Stay tuned for patriotic cake pops tomorrow. I told you, 4th of July times are serious times. Or at least, very dessert laden times.

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