July 26, 2012

rocky road rice krispies

I made these last night at about 10pm. As of this morning, almost the entire pan is gone. Part of this could be because I live in a house with 9 other people, but I think part of it is because they are super tasty.

The original recipe called these "Coffee Chocolate Marshmallow Krispies," but since they have almonds, fluffy marshmallows, and chocolate, I'm going to call them Rocky Road.

I've always had a soft spot for flavored rice krispie treats. They're really easy, you can make 10million at one time, and everyone likes them. If you're looking for some other options, try PB&J rice krispy treats, or Nutella Rice Krispy Treats (be still my heart.)

Rocky Road Rice Krispy Treats(adapted from Shutterbean)

Makes: a 9x12 pan

2 sticks unsalted butter
3 bags mini marshmallows
8 cups Rice Krispy cereal  (or an off brand, dealer's choice)
3 cups roasted almonds, roughly chopped
4 teaspoons ground coffee (so I misread this and put in 4 tablespoons--it lead to very coffee flavored rice krispies. Still good, but might be a little better if you kept it to teaspoons)
1/2 teaspoon coarse salt
2 cups chocolate chips
Pam/Cooking Spray

Spray your 9x12 pan with pam or "cooking spray." Get serious.

Melt your butter in a large pot over medium heat (I used our 16 quart pot). Once melted, add two bags of mini marshmallows. Stirring occasionally, let them all melt until smooth, then remove from heat, add the rice krispies, and mix together.

Mix together the almonds, coffee, and salt in a separate bowl. Toss into the rice krispies and mix, using a spoon you've greased with Pam. Add the chocolate chips and 1 bag of marshmallows and fold in.

Working quickly, flip the rice krispies into your prepared 9x12 pan. I washed my hands then sprayed them with pam and used them to press the rice krispies into the pan. If that doesn't sound like fun to you, you can also just use your greased spoon.

Let cool, then cut into squares and enjoy!

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